Early heat wave in Australia – over 40 degrees in Sydney – world –


An early heat wave is making people in eastern Australia sweat. In the coastal metropolis of Sydney, temperatures exceeded 40 degrees on Saturday, according to the BoM meteorological authority, in the interior of the states of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and in South Australia they reached 42 degrees. New South Wales authorities warned of a high risk of bushfires.

Summer in the southern hemisphere begins at the same time as winter in the north. In the “black summer” of 2019/2020, devastating bush fires on the fifth continent devastated more than twelve million hectares of land. More than 30 people and countless animals perished. Last Thursday, however, the BoM forecast a rather wet summer for this season with a lower risk of fire.

According to a study published in mid-November, Australia is warming more than the planet’s average. In the sixth climate report by the science agency Csiro and the BoM, it is said that the Australian climate has warmed by an average of 1.44 degrees Celsius since 1910. The length of the bush fire season has been increasing since the 1950s.

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