Edeka and Rewe warn: Christmas chaos due to corona measures


The new corona rules cause retailers to fear. Supermarkets like Edeka and Rewe fear a Christmas chaos before the holidays.

Dortmund – Soon is Christmas, that’s actually a reason to be happy. However, the trade fears an imminent one Christmas chaos. The reason for the fears are the new ones Corona protection measuresthat were decided by the federal and state governments.

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Christmas chaos in the supermarkets – extreme this year

Shortly before Christmas eve and the Christmas Holidays is it in right now Supermarkets always a bit chaotic. Customers try to run the last few errands for the family dinner and get enough food for them public holidays to stock up.

This year it could Customer traffic in the Supermarkets and Discounters become particularly extreme. Because on the public holidays a Sunday follows immediately, so the shops are closed on three consecutive days. At Christmas eve previously the dealers were usually only open for half a day.

New corona rule creates a tense situation in supermarkets

On top of that. The new Corona rules to let Supermarkets fear that they are about to face the situation Christmas can no longer cope. Because from Tuesday (December 1st) they are only allowed to use half as many Customers at the same time in the shops (all news about the coronavirus in NRW at

That’s how it should be Risk of contagion with the Coronavirus be minimized in retail. According to the new Corona rules, shops with a sales area of ​​800 square meters or more must ensure that a customer has 20 square meters of space. Previously it was a Could Has 10 square meters available.

Rewe boss worried about new corona rules: “Chaotic situation”

Even before the new ones Corona measures were decided, said the chairman of the board Rewe Group, Lionel Souque, critical of such a regulation. In a press release he spoke out in favor of keeping the 10 square meter rule unchanged.

Rewe-Chef Souque fear “before Christmas endless Queues and chaotic situations in front of the Supermarkets. That will neither protect against Infections nor the health serve the people. ”

The Rewe boss emphasizes the already difficult situation in front of the Christmas Holidays. The Rewe and Penny markets – which belong to the Rewe Group – lead the way in the days Christmas around 20 percent more sales than on average days. In the message from Rewe it says: “Another limitation of the Number of customers in the markets will hardly be manageable. ”

Edeka boss on the new Corona rules: “Counterproductive and incomprehensible”

The competition is also critical of the new rules. Edeka boss Markus Mosa speaks of the new 20 square meter rule being “counterproductive and incomprehensible,” she quotes WAZ. Like that too Rewe boss goes Edeka assume that the rush is ahead Christmas is no longer manageable.

That is also related to the fact that Customers in the Supermarkets would spend some time at the service counters for meat, sausage and cheese. This creates a backlog. Edeka-Chef Mosa sees itself at a disadvantage compared to the Discountersthat only offer self-service goods. “That will give a further boost in the direction of self-service formats with exclusively price-oriented offers”, quotes him WAZ.

New corona rules: “Unequal treatment” of large businesses

But not only that Food giants Edeka and Rewe criticize the new activities. The Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry also expresses a lack of understanding. The IHK President Heinz-Herbert Dustmann does not understand the “unequal treatment” of larger businesses, even if it is positive that the rules for smaller businesses have not been tightened, as reported in a report Ruhr Nachrichten (paid content) emerges.

The IHK President holds the new Corona rules for arbitrary and unfounded, because it is easier, especially in larger companies distance to adhere to other customers and sellers. Halving the clientele would further tighten the current economic situation.

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