Edeka recall: disinfectants can be life-threatening


  • Recall at “Edeka”: German consumer protection warns of one dangerous disinfectants.
  • The hand gel was at “Edeka” has sold a high proportion of the toxic ingredient Methanol.
  • There is a threat life-threatening poisoning the to blindness up to Tod can lead.

Disinfectant recall at “Edeka” because of toxic ingredients: The supermarket chain “Edeka” is currently calling a disinfectant. The product was warned on November 6th. The reason for the recall is a high proportion of toxic ingredients. According to consumer protection threatens life.

Recall from Edeka: Disinfectants are acutely toxic and life-threatening

Like the consumer side reports, the German market surveillance and consumer protection authorities are currently warning of the disinfectant “MIR 24”. The product from Ukraine was sold at “Edeka” and was recalled at the beginning of November.

According to the press release, the hand gel contains too much methanol – there is a risk of one Methanolvergiftung. The ingredient is acute toxic to the central nervous system and the eyes. “Ingestion or contact with methanol can lead to blindness and death“, it says in the consumer information. In addition, there are no warnings that would point out the danger of the ingredient. This would mean that the product would not comply with the legal requirements. The following disinfectants are affected:

  • Product name: “50 ml disinfection hand gel”
  • Brand: ME 24
  • Barcode: 4 820238 450011
  • Batch number: 27.04.2020, EXP04.2022


  • Product name: “100 ml disinfection hand gel”
  • Brand: ME 24
  • Barcode: 4 820238 450066
  • Batch number: 27.04.2020, EXP04.2022

Both products are toxic in the same way and do not include a warning about that toxicity and Flammability. In addition, there is no corresponding one for either remedy Parental controls.

At the moment there are also warnings against sausage and ham, which can lead to serious damage to health. The products were sold at Aldi.

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