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Daichi Kamada was able to assert himself in the playmaker’s duel against Max Kruse. The Eintracht key player now leads the list of assist givers.

The duel between Union Berlin and Eintracht Frankfurt was also the clash of playmakers Max Kruse and Daichi Kamada. In the end there were two goals from Kruse and two assists from Kamada.

Special praise for Kamada

The Japanese received special praise from coach Adi Hütter: “Daichi didn’t get into the game well. But he fought his way back and with two assists played a big part in the fact that we didn’t lose the game.”

Regarding the end result of the playmaker’s duel, the coach said: “On the one hand, with Kruse, there is a clever player who knows all about it. On the other hand, there is a talented Japanese who still has his way to go. Both have that Batch put their stamp on them. “

Kamada fights after a weak start to the game

After that, it didn’t look like for 27 minutes. Kamada went under with his teammates, Union could have led significantly higher instead of 2-0. But then the Hessian playmaker turned things around and proved why the Eintracht analysis department calls him a “spatial interpreter”.

When Kamada had some space, he made the most of it and put on André Silva’s goal with a great cross pass. Before Silva equalized, he took out the free kick and in the 79th minute he was on the way to the match winner at Bas Dost’s goal – before Kruse secured this personal title with a dream shot.

Top assists together with Lewandowski

But the performance of Kamada, who also ran twelve kilometers as a bee, should be emphasized. The 24-year-old took on 15 scorer points before the season and is now at seven.

After nine game days it can be said that Kamada followed his words with deeds. With six assists, he shares first place in the Bundesliga with Robert Lewandowski, and he also scored a goal against TSG Hoffenheim. Despite all the criticism of his lack of consistency and the sometimes bad behavior in a duel, Hutter’s “key player” Kamada regularly creates facts.

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