Energy destroyed the guardrail on impact


( – It was a moment of shock when Romain Grosjean’s Haas car crashed into the guardrail in Bahrain, went up in flames and was completely destroyed. The Frenchman was able to free himself from the wreck. He got away with only minor injuries, which force him to take a break in the premier class. According to Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi, the impact energy was the reason for the damage to the guardrail.

Grosjean’s monocoque divided the guardrail Zoom

After contact with Daniil Kwjat, Grosjean hit the track barrier at a speed of around 220 kilometers per hour. Due to the angle, the car broke in two while the monocoque and Grosjean bored into the guardrail. After the crash there was a huge hole in the barrier, but the Haas driver managed to get out of the car.

Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn was shocked after the pictures: “We have to examine it carefully and see what we can learn from it. The fact that a guardrail is broken up in this way is certainly not what we want to see.” In order to continue the race after the horror accident, concrete blocks were erected to replace the destroyed guard rail.

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Masi told ‘Sky F1’: “I was out there and looked at it. With that amount of energy you can’t do much. Still, the FIA ​​will [Automobil-Weltverband] look closely and initiate an investigation into the entire accident to see what we can learn from it. “

Masi would like to gather knowledge in all important areas: safety of the car, safety of driver equipment and route safety. In such an accident it is clear that “the energy has to go somewhere,” explains the Formula 1 race director. The car’s safety cell did its job and Halo also worked, Masi said after the initial assessment of the accident.

According to Masi, repairing the boundary with the help of the concrete blocks was the “most efficient” and “safest” solution to continue the Formula 1 race in Sachir. The race director praised the work of the sports officials in Bahrain, who had done “a great job”. Special thanks go to Alan van der Merwe and Dr. Ian Roberts, who were in the security vehicle helping Grosjean out of the burning wreck.

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