Epic Store, PSPlus and Co: These games are available for free in December


Updated November 30, 2020, 3:16 p.m.

  • There are also some free games in December
  • The quality of the free games ranges from strokes of genius to bland filling
  • Xbox owners in particular are likely to be disappointed

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Loyalty bonus for premium customers: In December, Sony, Microsoft, Apple and Co. thank their subscribers with free games. Games are also being given away diligently in the Epic Stor. But the range of free games is rather mixed in December.

It’s free on PlayStation Plus

Revolution with grappling hook, wingsuit, paraglider and large caliber: “Just Cause 4” is a crazy orgy of destruction and on top of that lets Mother Nature rage in the huge open world terrain. The shooting adventure of revolutionary Rico Rodriguez is one of those titles that PlayStation Plus members in December given to get.

The shooter “Rocket Arena“in turn sends 3-on-3 fighters into the arena with bizarre weapons while in”Worms Rumble“Up to 32 players compete against each other. The current offshoot of the cult series around the aggro worms, however, breaks with many traditions.

Instead of having to round off the multiplayer battles with relish, there is now hectic action in real time and characters that can be individually designed. The makers orientate themselves towards modern Battle-Royale-Titles like “Fortnite” as well as platform brawls like “Super Smash Bros.”

All three titles are free from December 1st retrievable. Sony also points out the possibility that PS5 owners will continue to “PlayStation Plus Collection“with over 20 selected titles can be downloaded for free.

It’s free at Xbox Live Gold

Gold mine for Xbox gamers – or bitter disappointment? Microsoft distributed four titles in December “Xbox Live Gold”-Abonnenten, but none of them is a real hit:

  • The Raven Remastered“is an interactive crime thriller in which you hunt down a master thief in London in the 1960s. The game is available for next-gen models and Xbox One throughout December free of charge to disposal.
  • From December 16 to January 15, the arcade action game “Bleed 2“about the heroine Wryn in comic book style Xbox Live Gold contain.
  • For retro gamers who are still playing on the Xbox 360, but also for the new consoles, the “GTA” clone is from December 1st to 15thSaints Row: Gat out of Hell” to have.
  • From December 16, the underworld saga will be replaced by “Stacking“. In the crazy puzzler you have to help the smallest matryoshka in the world.

It’s free in the Epic Store

Every week is in the Epic Games Store a new game for free released. Until December 3rd at 5 p.m. “Mud Runnerfree to disposal. The idiosyncratic off-road simulation involves navigating XXL vehicles with a map and compass through landscapes that are hostile to humans and trucks.

“MudRunner” is currently available for free in the Epic Games Store.
© Saber Interactive

Then the mud battle is replaced by “Cave Story+The indie action looks like a cross between anime and retro games of the 16-bit era. Epic plans to announce the other free games in December shortly.

It’s free on Google Stadia

Six new ones free games get subscribers to Google’s streaming service Stadia Pro in December. Below is the famous indie strategy game “Into the Breach“, by Meuchel-Agentenspiel”Hitman 2“, the music puzzle game”China“as well as the off-road racer”Monster Jam Steel Titans“whose martial name keeps what it promises.

The indie strategy game “Into the Breach” is available for free – if you have a Google Stadia Pro subscription.
© Subset Games

Science fiction fans can look forward to the roguelike space adventure “Everspace“look forward. Offers thrills and black humor”Secret Neighbor“with a multiplayer horror story for six fearless people. A total of stand by Stadia Pro currently more than 30 games to disposal.

It’s free at Apple Arcade

Apple may not give a far-reaching outlook on the upcoming titles, but it is worth looking back: In the last few days the subscription offer Arcade has been expanded a few real highlights added – above all: “The Pathless“.

The game quotes gaming classics like “Shadow of the Colossus”, “Zelda” and “Journey” – and yet it is an independent masterpiece in the course of which a hunter and her eagle companion liberate the world from a dark power. “The Pathless” is also available for PS5 and PC, but costs around 35 euros there.

“The Pathless” is now available on Apple Arcade.
© Apple Arcade

Part of the world can be saved in “Alba: A Wildlife Adventure“. The relaxed adventure game transports gamers to a Mediterranean island, where the little heroine takes care of the fauna and flora.

In contrast, you are far less comfortable in “Warp Drive“on the go: In this downright psychedelic” WipeOut “clone, you can whiz around the racetracks with gliders and beam yourself into otherwise hard-to-reach sections using a teleporter.
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