Erste Group starts Advent for the third time with an animated film


Jung von Matt Donau is again responsible for the production.

For the third year in a row, Erste Group has launched an animated Christmas film. After Igel Henry (2018) and Hummel Hanna (2019), “Edgars Christmas” was presented in eleven countries on Sunday. As with the Christmas films in the previous two years, Jung von Matt DONAU is also responsible for the production this year. The bar is high: together, these first two Christmas films were seen more than 180 million times.

First Christmas Ad

Due to the global corona pandemic, the starting point for an emotional Christmas story was more challenging than ever this year, the Erste Group emphasizes in a broadcast.

The creators of the project deliberately responded to this: “The defining themes this year are loneliness and isolation. And that even in the Christmas season, when you usually look for close contact with friends and family. We wanted to show what it can do when people are there for each other and now believe all the more in themselves and others “, says Martin Radjaby-Rasset, Head of Group Brand Management at Erste Group.

Implementation in proven line-up

Jung von Matt DONAU is again responsible for the creative implementation of the film. Creative Director Michael Nagy: “After two excursions into the animated world of animals, this year we turned to a topic that is important every Christmas, but even more so this year. That is to be there for each other. Like Marie, the optimistic and lively nurse, who does not want to accept that the aging composer Edgar is withdrawing more and more due to his progressive hearing impairment. But with the help of the other residents, she still manages to win Edgar’s heart and give him a unique Christmas. ”

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