Erzgebirge: Wallet thief drags woman 300 meters across the street with his car!


An unscrupulous wallet thief dragged a woman (32) about 300 meters with his car on Friday afternoon. The 32-year-old was slightly injured.

Ehrenfriedersdorf – Unscrupulous! A wallet thief cut a woman in Erzgebirge Ehrenfriedersdorf 300 meters across the street with his car.

A man dragged a woman in Ehrenfriedersdorf about 300 meters with his car across the street (symbol picture). © 123RF / angela rohde

The whole thing happened on Friday around 11 a.m. A man had entered a shop on Annaberger Strasse and initially looked around.

When the owner (32) of the shop was in an adjoining room, he took the opportunity and grabbed the wallet with almost 150 euros in cash and some IDs from the woman’s handbag.

When the perpetrator had left the shop, the 32-year-old noticed the theft and ran after the man. He got into a Skoda and wanted to drive off. At that moment, the owner of the shop opened the driver’s door and held onto it – the wallet thief drove off!

The woman was dragged about 300 meters to Thomas-Mann-Straße, after which the 32-year-old let go. She was slightly injured.

The police were able to catch the wallet thief in Annaberg-Buchholz (symbol picture).

The police were able to catch the wallet thief in Annaberg-Buchholz (symbol picture). © 123RF / Olga Yastremska

After the police were informed, a squad car crew in Annaberg-Buchholz on Chemnitzer Strasse noticed a dark Skoda with a Czech license plate, which matched the description of the escape vehicle – the police stopped the car. A little later it became clear: It was the wallet thief from Ehrenfriedersdorf.

The perpetrator, a 31-year-old Czech citizen, was provisionally arrested.

In the Skoda, the officers found around 150 euros in cash, as well as a small amount of apparent narcotics.

“The 31-year-old is currently being investigated on suspicion of robbery, assault and violation of the Narcotics Act,” said a police spokesman. In addition, the Czech has to answer for a traffic offense.

In coordination with the public prosecutor’s office, the provisional arrest was lifted after the first police measures were completed.

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