Ethiopia declares the offensive over


After more than three weeks of bitter fighting, the Ethiopian government claims to have ended its offensive in the Tigray region. “The federal government now completely dominates the regional capital Mekele,” said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at the weekend.

The military operation was carried out with the greatest possible precision and ensured that civilians were not targeted, it said. The “People’s Liberation Front of Tigray” (TPLF) has not yet commented on this. However, experts warned yesterday that the end of the offensive would not necessarily mean the end of the conflict.

After months of tension, in early November the Ethiopian military launched an offensive against the TPLF, which is in power in the northern region. The People’s Liberation Front accused the army of attacking civilians as well.

1.5 million people affected

Aid organizations are warning of a humanitarian disaster in Tigray. Caritas and other NGOs recently said that none of the warring parties was willing “to give NGOs access to people in need”. About 1.5 million people are threatened with fighting and cut off from food and water supplies, they warned.


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