Ex-GNTM candidate Fiona Erdmann suffers from baby pounds


After the birth of her first child, Fiona Erdmann indulges in mom happiness. Only one burdened the former GNTM candidate: the weight she gained through pregnancy.

Photo series with 14 pictures

Fiona Erdmann became a mother for the first time in August. The 32-year-old gave birth to a son and has shared regularly since then cute snapshots from her family life with her almost 200,000 Instagram followers. The little one’s face is always covered and Fiona also made his name publicly only after long hesitation: Leo Luan.

Fiona Erdmann reveals her weight

The former “Germany’s next top model” participant now spoke quite openly about one private detail: her weight. In her Instagram story, Fiona even stood on the scales, which leveled off at 80.6. Around 20 kilograms more than before the pregnancy, as she explained in an interview with “Promiflash”.

The 32-year-old has to struggle with the extra pounds. “I’m basically not someone who complains when it comes to the extra kilos, but I also have to say that after three and a half months and the situation that nothing has really changed, it’s not easy,” she admits.

“I just know myself differently”

In the past, the model paid a lot of attention to his figure, trained hard and proudly presented his muscles. Fiona, on the other hand, cannot really get used to her new reflection. “I just know myself differently. I’ve always been very athletic and now I’m completely the opposite. It’s just weird to see yourself like that,” said the 32-year-old.

She doesn’t want to put pressure on herself, but soon invest a little more time in her after-baby body to get back to her old shape.

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