Ex-GNTM-Model Nathalie Volk: Liebesaus with Frank Otto – and she already loves someone else


For weeks it has been rumored whether Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto are still a couple. Now the model confirms: The two have separated.

In 2015, the ex-GNTM model Nathalie Volk (23) met and fell in love with media entrepreneur Frank Otto (63), and in 2018 the two even got engaged. But now everything is over, as the beautiful 23-year-old confirmed to “Bild.de”.

New name, new look. A few weeks ago, Nathalie reinvented herself from scratch. She now calls herself Miranda DiGrande. You can see what’s behind it in the video above.


Nathalie Volk
Cervical cancer at 23! “I’m under surveillance”
At the age of 23, Nathalie Volk was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In an interview with BUNTE.de, the ex-jungle camper speaks about the disease, her love for Frank Otto and her future plans.

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Nathalie Volk confirms love-off – and shows her new boyfriend

“Timur and I are a solid couple,” says the model. To me Timur she means the “Hells Angels” rocker Timur A. (42). She has been with her new partner in Turkey for some time. Why it came to the end of love, she is silent. On Instagram she writes: “Money is not everything” https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/. “Bild” quotes the model as follows: “My own family used me for Frank’s money. I learned that family is not about being related by blood, but that it is about respect and loyalty. Money is not everything and in this and in the next life I will give up everything I have for Timur because he shows me what love is and I feel protected by him. I’ve found a new family who respect and loyal to me. “

GNTM model and media entrepreneur split up as friends

Nathalie and Frank Otto broke up as friends, she says he remains her business partner and wants to promote her as an artist.

For weeks there have been rumors about the new unequal couple. Timur already had a hummingbird tattooed for his Nathalie, she herself posted the picture with the words “I love you”. Timur also made love official now. He shared a picture of a couple with the signature “My Queen”.


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