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You want to export a note file from your OneNote in order to open it on a PC with OneNote but without the Internet. That requires a strange workaround.

Solution: Visit OneNote for the web at https://www.onenote.com/notebooks, not the address starting with «onedrive.live.com». Sign in with the Microsoft account under which you created the note. Under My notebooks find your notes.

Now you have to resort to a rather weird workaround. Because there is a language problem. If you right-click on your note file in the German-language online OneNote and Export only an empty window appears.

Instead, set the language in the browser in which the notebooks are displayed (bottom left) via change language on English (United States) and try the export process again: right click on it, Export notebook. This gives you a zip file that you can download via Export download, transfer to the other PC, unzip and open. You can then change the language via Change Language back on German Germany) reset to default.

  • This export window remains empty in the German-language OneNote; You have to switch the language at the bottom left to English (USA), then it works

Small addition: With OneNote (formerly “OneNote 2016”), which can be run on all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and is part of Office 2019 and Microsoft 365, you would have to use File / Export find a direct way to export notebooks.

Additional tip: If you want to export a OneNote note in a different format – i.e. for PCs without OneNote – open the note and press Ctrl+P (Ctrl+P) to call up the print dialog. Select a PDF printer above, for example Microsoft Print to PDF. This is how you get your note saved as a PDF file. (PCtipp forum)

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