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Formula 1 doctor Ian Roberts, together with medical car driver Alan van der Merwe, was one of the first at the scene of the accident where Romain Grosjean fled into his arms.

Romain Grosjean was very lucky in his spectacular fire accident in Bahrain. When the Haas driver crashed into the guardrails on the exit of the third corner and his torn racer went up in flames, it wasn’t long before the medical car with Ian Roberts and Alan van der Merwe was there.

The FIA ​​doctor rushed over, the 34-year-old fled from the inferno in his arms, while the medical car driver was there with the fire extinguisher to support the marshals. After the race, Roberts reported: “It was like an oven, a red fire with blazing flames, and it was obvious that he could free himself.”

“A fire brigade marshal was quickly on the spot and used his fire extinguisher to ensure that the flames receded so that we could quickly get Romain over the guardrail and away from the scene of the accident,” added the doctor. “However, there was only a small window of time for the rescue, because the flames quickly struck back.”

Roberts escorted Grosjean into the medical car and did a first quick check. “Of course he was very unsteady on his feet and his visor was partially melted, so he couldn’t see anything. I managed to take his helmet off to see if everything else was okay. We checked his airways and took a closer look at the helmet to make sure none of the fumes had penetrated. “

The medical analysis was good given the circumstances, added Roberts. “So we wanted to take care of the injuries that were obvious. We knew then that there was no risk in taking him into the car to treat his burns. Then we took him to the ambulance, which he took to the medical center. “

Alan van der Merwe said on social media: “On a day like this, I’m very grateful to be working with Ian and benefiting from the work done by greats like Charlie Whiting and Sid Watkins. I am overjoyed that Romain is fine. That makes all the preparation (and sitting around!) For those 30 short seconds worthwhile. “

Bahrain-GP, Sakhir

1. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, 1:34:01,829h
2. Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, +1,254 sec
3. Alex Albon (T), Red Bull Racing, +8,005
4. Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, +11,337
5. Carlos Sainz (E), McLaren, +11,787
6. Pierre Gasly (F), AlphaTauri, +11,942
7. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), Renault, +19.368
8. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Mercedes, +19,680
9. Esteban Ocon (F), Renault, +22,803
10. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, +1 Runde
11. Daniil Kvyat (RUS), AlphaTauri, +1 Runde
12. George Russell (GB), Williams, +1 Runde
13. Sebastian Vettel (D), Ferrari, +1 Rounds
14. Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Williams, +1 Runde
15. Kimi Räikkönen (FIN), Alfa Romeo, +1 round
16. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Alfa Romeo, +1 round
17. Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, +1 Round
Sergio Pérez (MEX), Racing Point, engine failure
Romain Grosjean (F), Haas, Crash
Lance Stroll (CDN), Racing Point, Crash

World Championship stand drivers after 15 of 17 races

1. Hamilton 332 points
2. Bottas 201
3. Verstappen 189
4. Ricciardo 102
5. Pérez 100
6. Leclerc 98
7. Norris 86
8. Sainz 85
9. Albon 85
10. Gasly 71
11. Stroll 59
12. Ocon 42
13. Vettel 33
14. Kvyat 26
15. Nico Hülkenberg (D) 10
16. Raikkonen 4
17. Giovinazzi 4
18. Grosjean 2
19. Magnussen 1
20. Latifi 0
21. Russell 0

1. Mercedes 533
2. Red Bull Racing 274
3. McLaren 171
4. Racing Point 154
5. Renault 144
6. Ferrari 131
7. AlphaTauri 97
8. Alfa Romeo 8
9. Haas 3
10. Williams 0

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