Fatal SUV accident in Frankfurt: “Lieferando” works council starts delivery service | Regional


Frankfurt – Four days ago, an SUV driver (38) crashed a pedestrian (61) and a bicycle courier (27) from the food service “Lieferando” to death in Frankfurt’s Ostend.

Now the delivery service wants to support the bereaved of its employees who have had an accident, would like to cover all costs, and offers quick help.

But there is also criticism of the delivery service – and it comes from within.

Frankfurt’s “Lieferando” works council chairman Philipp Schurk (23) does not see his employer to be at fault for the fatal accident, but otherwise he criticizes sharply: “There is no occupational safety organization at ‘Lieferando’. The most banal regulations are not adhered to. “

Schurk gives a few examples: “The majority of drivers have to use private bicycles that are not maintained. There is no instruction in regulations such as helmet requirements, the helmets provided are of low quality. “

What does “Lieferando” say?

A spokesman: “All drivers receive instruction on helmet requirements, traffic rules and road safety. They also have to take a refresher course every year. Lieferando provides helmets free of charge. Bicycles are provided or riders on their own bicycles receive a flat-rate wear and tear of 10 cents per km. “

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