FC Bayern: Neuer foul is the subject of the Sport1 one-two – embarrassing Effenberg blunder


The foul on Manuel Neuer in Bayern’s victory against Stuttgart occupied the one-two round at Sport1. Stefan Effenberg drew the audience’s displeasure.

  • The FC Bayern rushes from one game to the next.
  • Hansi Flick’s team has now won at VfB Stuttgart. One action was hotly debated afterwards.
  • The new scene was also a topic in the Sport1 one-two – and it made an effort Stefan Effenberg a misstep.

Munich – It’s been difficult weeks for Bayern Munich. For the triple winner, it all happens in quick succession, one game after the next. It goes without saying that this has to do with the substance. The 3-1 win at VfB Stuttgart was paid dearly. Corentin Tolisso may now be out longer.

Of course, one scene occupied the whole of football Germany: Was Tanguy Coulibaly’s assignment on Manuel Neuer really illegal? The Stuttgart striker plucked Bayern captain on the arm, as a result there was brief chaos. Foul? Not a foul?

It was played on Philipp Forster transformed the free ball to the supposed 2: 1 for VfB. Presumably because of the referee Harm Osmers checked the scene again on the monitor – and finally didn’t give the hit.

FC Bayern Munich: New scene against Stuttgart employs experts in one-two

At the Sport1-The double pass was quickly agreed. The panel of experts saw a correct decision by the referee. Steffen friend said: “It’s a clear foul at the end. Fortunately we have the VAR. ” Alfred Draxler and world champion Benedikt Höwedes agreed: “He doesn’t have to pull his arm out, but the hand has no place there. So it’s a foul. “

At the VfB Stuttgart Of course you saw it differently on Saturday. An Instagram story from VfB-Star fits in with this Nico Gonzalez. He was injured against Bayern and was therefore in the stands. He literally posted: “Very good players men !! You use the Var if you want !!!! “

And also his trainer Pellegrino Matarazzo was not amused after the game. He did not see Coulibaly’s action as a clear foul and would have given the goal, as he explained to Sky.

FC Bayern: Foul on Neuer employs one-two experts – Effenberg distributes

Back to One-two. The attitude at VfB was again pleasing Steffen Effenberg not at all. “Clear foul,” he rumbled. “We don’t need to talk at all.” The tiger followed suit – with a statement that in turn sparked discussions on Twitter. “I also don’t understand the coach from Stuttgart. What is the name of the? Materazzi or so.”

Materazzi? Embarrassing, after all, the former Italian world champion is not here Marco Materazzi meant who once provoked Zinedine Zidane to the famous headbutt in the 2006 World Cup final. No, the Stuttgart coach is called Pellegrino Matarazzo – who, by the way, had his birthday on Saturday.

Draxler confirmed Effenberg also: “Yes, Materazzi. Pellegrino Materazzi. “Moderator Thomas Helmer then finally had an understanding and corrected the two. But Effe went one better and came back to the Gonzalez photo. “Who posted this photo?” He wanted to know. “A player” was the answer from the group. And Effenberg: “What’s going on there? That’s total nonsense. ”

The viewers were angry at Effenberg’s ignorance. Some fans ventured their displeasure on Twitter. “Effenberg is so bad”, “Just embarrassing”, or “Effenberg, the smart talker” were some of the milder reactions. (akl)

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