FC Schalke 04: racism scandal around European champion Steffen Freund


Bundesliga “Can’t do that with these roots”

Racism scandal around European champion Steffen Freund

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Steffen Freund targeted Schalke's players Nabil Bentaleb and Amine Harit

Steffen Freund targeted Schalke’s players Nabil Bentaleb and Amine Harit

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Ex-national player Steffen Freund is supposed to explain the sporty decline of FC Schalke 04 and is conspicuous with a racist assessment. Outraged reactions follow immediately. The 1996 European champion’s apology also fails.

Dhe sporty descent also stopped in Mönchengladbach. The 1: 4 on Saturday evening was FC Schalke 04’s 25th game in a row without a win, which is why a historic record is getting closer and closer. Tasmania Berlin had come to 31 games during the 1965/66 season without maximum points, the Ruhrpottklub could crack this negative mark in the near future.

On Sunday, the Sport1 program “Doppelpass” was about Schalke’s dreary present. Among other things, ex-player Steffen Freund was invited as a guest – and he was wrong in tone.

When it came to criticism of the Royal Blues’ transfer policy, Freund said about midfielders Nabil Bentaleb and Amine Harit, who had been banned from the squad, that they lacked the ability to fight for Schalke due to their origins. “Then you have to know, Malochen, that is the most important thing. Every player has to be ready to pour out their hearts for the club. And then I’m with Harit, too, of course he can’t do that with these roots. “

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A racist charge, which is why the reaction on the net came quickly. Twitter user @avocadogucci wrote: “If things don’t go well at Schalke, is it the foreigners to blame? If it wasn’t meant racist and Steffen Freund was interested in the individual character of the players, there is no reason to name the ‘roots of origin’ as the cause of a person’s behavior. “

And @goenntherjauch said: “Steffen Freund is so familiar with roots, maybe you should ask him as a plant expert at Moma. No, but without joke: It is embarrassing that unfiltered racism needs Twitter to be noticed. I look forward to the consequences of dopa. “

On May 2, 1992, the 35th matchday of the 1991/1992 season, Dynamo Dresden and FC Schalke 04 face each other.  The game ended 2-1 for Dynamo Dresden.  Schalke's Steffen Freund (l) in a game scene with Andreas Wagenhaus from Dresden.  |  Usage worldwide

Steffen Freund (left, in the 1991/92 season) played for FC Schalke for two years

Quelle: picture alliance / Thomas Lehman

The Schalke team also spoke up. The pause for thought has nothing to do with the players’ roots, the club tweeted.

The fact that Freund’s attempted apology later also failed was in line with the verbal faux pas of the 1996 European champion: “That was of course not meant,” he explained. “I just meant that Nabil Bentaleb’s Algerian-French origins and poverty simply play a role, how you grow up as a person and what your mentality is. In Tottenham, if he didn’t like the game, he left the training field. “

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