Fewer new infections in Basel-Stadt – another fatality


So far, 5424 residents in the canton of Basel-Stadt have tested positive for the corona virus.

In the canton of Basel-Stadt, 56 new infections with the corona virus were registered on Monday. On the two previous days there were 92 and 78 respectively.

This means that a total of 5,424 people in the city canton have tested positive for the corona virus so far. According to the pandemic statistics published on the Basel-Stadt website, 4,441 of these people are considered to have recovered. 906 (-35) infected people were in isolation on Monday.

77 people have so far died in the canton of Basel-Stadt in connection with Covid 19 disease. Another fatality was recorded on Monday.

There were only minimal changes over the weekend in the number of people who were in hospital in Basel-Stadt because of Covid-19 disease. On Monday there were 145, 107 of them residing in the city canton. 22 patients had to be treated in the intensive care unit.

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