FIFA 21: Diego Maradona dead – EA reacts with an emotional gesture


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Diego Maradona is dead. The football legend from Argentina died at the age of 60. EA Games is now reacting and giving all FIFA 21 players a special gift.

  • Shock to that Soccer world Diego Maradona is until
  • Represented as an icon in FIFA 21 – This is how EA reacts to its Tod
  • Becomes Diego Maradona out FIFA 21 away? Changes SHE the method?

Lanus, Argentina – The Soccer world stood still for a moment when it became known that the Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona at the age of 60 died is. The former king of dribbles and coach Argentina was in hospital due to brain surgery and died of complications from a heart attack. Honored his special achievements SHE a few years ago in the form of a Icon-Karte. In FIFA 21 is his future after his sudden Tod however uncertain. SHE meanwhile responded with an extremely emotional gesture.

Release (date of first publication) October 6, 2020
Publisher Electronic Arts
Serie FIFA
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, PC
developer EA Canada / Romania
Genre Football simulation

FIFA 21: The Incredible Story of Diego Maradona

Long before it SHE or FIFA 21 gave, bewitched Diego Maradona the Soccer fields Europe with its fine technology on the ball and its extravagant lifestyle. Diego Maradona To call it a self-promoter would be an understatement, but who besides himself could have allowed such behavior on a daily basis? In Argentina was and is Diego Maradona, despite or perhaps because of his often dubious behavior next to the place an unforgettable one Football legend.

In addition to his stints at FC Barcelona and SSC Napoli, should Diego Maradona especially the younger ones Football fans be a concept through “the hand of God”. In the 1986 World Cup final against England, the only 1.65 meter tall won Diego Maradona suddenly the decisive air duel against Peter Shilton in the goal of the English. This was Diego Maradona only possible because he illegally used his hand to win the ball. Then he scored the goal, which Argentina led to the last world title to date. In FIFA 21 “the hand of God” was not perpetuated, yet reacted SHE very emotional to the Tod from Diego Maradona.

FIFA 21: EA with an emotional gesture after the death of Diego Maradona

When the message of the Death from Diego Maradona went through the media, prevailed among the Football fans a moment of silence. EA, for example, did not announce the TOTW 9. The first expressions of condolences arrived only tentatively. “After a blessed but troubled life, hopefully he will eventually find some comfort in the hands of God.” Said Gary Lineker, former England international and opponent of Maradona in the 1986 World Cup final. Also SHE spoke up. Thank you in your Twitter post SHE at Maradona and described him as a player who all Football generations has and will have a lasting impact.

When starting FIFA 21 holds SHE another expression of mourning ready. However, there is also a heartbreaking gesture behind the message. SHE gave everyone FIFA 21 players the home and away jersey of the argentinian National team as well as a choreography by Diego Maradona. So it is quite possible that you will be in the Weekend League Diego Maradona will soon be admired in the stands.

FIFA 21: When starting FIFA, all players receive the following expressions of sadness.

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FIFA 21: Exception rule for Diego Maradona or will he also be removed from FIFA 21?

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that an in FIFA Integrated player in real life blesses the temporal. This happened recently with the South Korean player Nam-Chun Kim, who died at the age of 31. SHE has a procedure for such cases. This is how the price range of the Ultimate Team-Karte reduced and the player can no longer be pulled through packs. Does this case now also apply to Diego Maradona in FIFA 21?

That yourself SHE decides against this scenario is extremely likely. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, this procedure applies to one Death instead, so that players do not lose their Tod a player can benefit. Since the Icon-Karte from Diego Maradona in FIFA 21 but is generally very expensive, this should not be possible. Furthermore is Diego Maradona not the only one Legend in FIFA 21which is no longer with us. Johan Cruyff and Lev Yashin are two examples of this. The Legend from Diego Maradona so is in FIFA 21 live on. Pele commented on the Tod of his friend as follows: “Hopefully one day we’ll play together Soccer in heaven. ”We hope so too and thank you Diego Maradona for an incredible Football festival.

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