Fireball seen over 90 times in many places in Germany


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Fireball spotted in many places in Germany

In many places in Germany, a fireball was reported in the sky on Saturday. Researchers are puzzling over what it was all about.

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A bright beam that turns green for a few seconds
shines. Many people reported an unusual spectacle on Saturday evening at just before seven. “Within a few hours we had about 90 entries at our registration address,” confirmed Jürgen Oberst from the fireball network. Which celestial body is the
is from Saturday is still unclear.

Fireball spotted in Germany, Belgium and France

The fireball network is a joint project of the German Aerospace Center (
) and the TU Berlin. Oberst provides more precise information on the local occurrence of the green lightning bolt in the sky: “Most of the reports come from the Cologne-Frankfurt-Siegen area.”

The International Meteor Organization (IMO) stated that it had received over 190 reports from Germany, but also from Belgium and France.

Green fireball in the sky puzzles observers

For example, a person from Siegen reports, according to Jürgen Oberst, of a bright ray moving across the sky that has turned into a green, jade-like color. The largest part was therefore broken into two smaller balls. The
was only about five to seven seconds.

Not only in the west, but also in the north, the mysterious apparition could be seen in the sky. On the side of the Austrian
Gahberg reported a man from Schleswig-Holstein of a “bright object with a green tail flying from west to east”.

Object could not yet be clearly identified

It is not yet known exactly what it is. However, DLR makes a distinction
Shooting stars
with a burn time of less than a second and fireballs. “A fireball has a burn time of maybe 5 seconds, rarely more.” Sometimes it shines at the end of it
to burst or change color.

As early as October, people in northern and eastern Germany reported a large ball of fire in the sky that lit up the night sky for several seconds. Even then could
not knowing exactly what kind of object it was. (te / dpa)

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