FireTV, Kindle and Echo greatly reduced


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Anyone who wants to get decent discounts before Christmas and was inactive on Black Friday may have the last chance on Cyber ​​Monday. Online retailer Amazon offers its FireTVs, Echo Smartspeakers and other devices at half the price.

Most of the Christmas business in the Corona year 2020 will take place online for many – after all, the hustle and bustle in the shopping streets and shops of the republic is hardly possible in its usual form under the current infection protection measures and many avoid the public where it can be set up.

One of the big beneficiaries of the more difficult conditions for retail is online giant Amazon: The US empire is continuing its triumphant advance of the current financial year with various discount campaigns and is making it easy for consumers to do without rummaging for gifts in local shops before Christmas .

Last chance for discounts on Cyber ​​Monday?

After the discount meltdown on Black Friday after what seemed like a month of the promotional prices at Amazon, the online retailer is again offering a large range of in-house tech toys and everyday helpers for sale on Cyber ​​Monday – and thus the previously undecided the opportunity to save on the purchase of FireTV devices, Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers and various smart home equipment. Traditionally, it is rather doubtful whether there will be similar discounts again in the immediate run-up to Christmas.

Amazon is drastically reducing Echo and Fire TV

Fire TV devices from Amazon were a hit in the run-up to Black Friday – and the new ones can also be accessed on Cyber ​​Monday FireTVStick, FireTVStick 4K, FireTVStick Lite as well as the Fire TV Cube up to 50 percent can be saved again:

Amazon Echo reduced on Cyber ​​Monday
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Also the Echo Smartspeaker The new generation is available on Cyber ​​Monday in its large and small version (Echo Dot) at a reduced price – sometimes in a bundle with Wi-Fi-enabled lamps or sockets for smart home beginners. Here, too, savings of up to half the original price are possible:

The other offers for Cyber ​​Monday – including the e-book reader Kindle, Fire tablets and UHD TVs – can be found here in the overview.

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