Fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Germany – yes or no?


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Karlsruhe-Insider: The debate about the fireworks on New Year’s Eve has begun.

Saint Martin and the start of the carnival have already been canceled due to Corona.

Are the fireworks now also being canceled? This debate will cause trouble for the coming weeks. The pyrotechnicians are in favor of fireworks, one or the other minister is in favor of a general ban on fireworks.

On the other hand, of course, the manufacturers and bulk buyers are storming, because they see their sales at risk this year. After all, the turn of the year means safe income, with wholesalers and retailers also earning a lot.

The Greens in particular consider a general ban on fireworks to be important, because firstly this would be a step towards better air, and secondly, the families would all have more money in their pockets.

In addition, a general ban would drastically reduce the number of injuries. Last year, over 1,000 people were injured by fireworks, some so severe that they had to be amputated.

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