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Just in time for December 1st, there is an onset of winter, albeit a short one. The German Meteorological Service (DWD) expects snow down to deeper levels.

On Monday, according to the DWD, the weather will again be changeable with sun, clouds and fog at temperatures just above freezing point. But already on Tuesday night, thicker clouds are gathering, it can rain and snow. “At the start of the meteorological winter, it seems for the first time to get in touch and flex its muscles,” said DWD meter orologist Lars Kirchhübel.

The DWD expects up to three centimeters of fresh snow and warns of black ice. On Tuesday it will be very cloudy, especially in the morning, according to the forecast, there may be snow or freezing rain. During the day the snow turns into rain, but it subsides. The maximum values ​​are between 2 and 7 degrees.

Also risk of ice on Wednesday night

In the night of Wednesday, clouds came up again, bringing rain. There may be local fog. The lowest temperatures are between three and minus one degree. In the higher mountains it can become slippery due to snow and freezing moisture.

On Wednesday, the winter visit is over again, according to the DWD it will be cloudy and cloudy. At temperatures between 2 and 6 degrees it usually stays dry except for a little drizzle.

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