First TV interview since the election: Trump complains of “complete fraud”


On the lamenting front: defeat after defeat. Almost 40 lawsuits that Donald Trump and his team had sought have since been overturned. Just over the weekend, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit by Trump attorneys as “unwarranted.”

US authorities and state election officers have rated the vote as safe and successful – there are no known cases of major fraud.

There are also disappointments for the elected president on the recount front: Trump did not gain any votes in the recount in the state of Wisconsin.

Trump, however, remains true to his line: the election was a fraud. Trump also underpinned this in his first television interview since the US election: The November 3 vote was “a complete fraud,” said Trump in a telephone interview with the news broadcaster on Sunday Fox News.

In the almost one-hour conversation, Trump renewed his claims that many dead people had voted and that the increase in postal votes resulted in “massive fraud”.

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