First win after five defeats: Black Wings managed to break free


The Steinbach Black Wings 1992 have not forgotten how to win. After the last five defeats in a row, the Linzers prevailed yesterday at home against the Vienna Capitals 3-1. With that, the Black Wings gave the “red lantern” of the bottom of the table to Villacher SV, who played three games less.

The hit in Linz started at a low level: Black wings, which were prone to errors, left the Viennese too much space on the pages, which Fabio Artner used to guide guests after fifteen minutes with a shot in the corner of the cross. The home side came up in the middle third. A double strike by the Linz top storm duo Brian Lebler (30th) and Dragan Umicevic (33rd) turned the game and breathed new self-confidence into the Black Wings. Alex Lahoda’s 3-1 win was already the preliminary decision.

Longer without a gaffal

Tomorrow the next difficult task awaits the Black Wings. Before there are two game-free days, coach Pierre Beaulieu’s team will go to Bozen (8.15 p.m., in the OÖN live ticker on The South Tyroleans had an impressive 3-0 lead after 30 minutes in Linz last Friday and ended the game in a gentle way. The goalscorer of the Linz consolation goal for the 1: 3 final result, Stefan Gaffal, will not only be missing against Bolzano, there is a risk of a week-long injury break after a shot hit him in the finger on Sunday. But Marco Brucker could celebrate a comeback tomorrow. There is still a question mark behind Andrew Kozek. Yesterday, the striker was only able to leave the ice with the help of his team-mates before he played the game to the end in the usual manner.


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