First wooden building in Friedrichshain: three-story wooden module building for 300 primary school students – Berlin


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In the finished, three-storey modular building, 12 classrooms and a cafeteria are to be built. It is to be dismantled after eight years.

The Friedrichshain Hausburg primary school is getting a new three-story, temporary school building made of solid wood on Otto-Ostrowski-Straße. It is the first wooden module building in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and, according to the district office, the first multi-storey, temporary school module building made of wood in Berlin. The location is not far from the old school building, which has been renovated since 2018.

The finished, three-storey modular building with 12 classrooms will provide space for 300 primary school students. A cafeteria, group and administrative rooms are also planned in the 2,100 square meter new building. The district office is having the alternative location cost 6.15 million euros, including ancillary construction costs, the design of the outdoor facilities and the furnishing of furniture, the district office reports.

The special thing about the resulting modular construction is the material: unlike the well-known gray and white corrugated iron school containers, the 75 modules are made of solid wood. It is intended to reuse them for other locations.

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