Fittipaldi will replace Grosjean at the weekend


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However, it is no surprise …

… that Grosjean won’t be driving on the weekend. We predicted that yesterday in the ticker – regardless of Günther Steiner’s optimism. It is also interesting that Fittipaldi was initially only confirmed for Bahrain. At the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Grosjean could be back in the car. Or the Brazilian again. Or maybe a completely different driver …

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Who is Pietro Fittipaldi?

The decision comes as a bit of a surprise. The grandson of Emerson Fittipaldi has already tested for Haas and won the Formula V8-3.5 title in 2017. In the past few years, however, there have been no major successes. In 2018, for example, he tried his hand at the IndyCar series and the Super Formula, and in 2019 he drove a season in the DTM that he finished 15th. Now it comes as a surprise to its Formula 1 premiere.

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We received several questions about flying sparks in Bahrain. In fact, it wasn’t anything special. Today’s Formula 1 racing cars also hit the ground on other racetracks, only at night you can see these flying sparks much better than during the day.

Looks spectacular, but there’s nothing special about it – except the time of day. The sparks are also amplified by bumps. The more there are, the greater the likelihood that a car will hit the asphalt. Here, too, there is simply more on some routes than on others.

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Grosjean: Already from the hospital tomorrow?

There is good news from Haas. They have just announced that Grosjeans burns are healing well and that the Frenchman could be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday. Team boss Günther Steiner has now also visited Grosjean personally. We keep our fingers crossed that it will work!

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Formula 1 reacts to Ricciardo’s criticism

The Australian criticized Formula 1 pretty harshly for showing the pictures of Romain Grosjean’s accident on TV. Not everyone shares this criticism, and now the premier class is defending itself. A spokesman emphasized that the internal guidelines were adhered to and the scenes were only shown when it was clear that Grosjean was not seriously injured.

We are told that there is “direct communication” between the race management and the direction. “No pictures are shown until there is a confirmation that the driver is okay,” emphasizes Formula 1. They also stuck to that yesterday. In addition, pictures of the driver were initially shown, who was okay – and not the accident itself.

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How Grosjean thought of Halo in 2017

Yesterday the French declared that Halo had saved his life. He wasn’t always a fan of it, though. In 2017 he said: “It was a sad day for Formula 1 when [die Einführung] was announced. I’m still against it. I think there is no place for that in Formula 1. “He has been able to make three crosses since yesterday that his opinion did not prevail at the time …

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Wolff: Failure to show up was not completely ruled out

Lewis Hamilton already stated yesterday in the PK that he had not thought about not starting the restart after the accident. But what about his team? Toto Wolff admits: “If, God forbid, he had been hurt worse, we would probably have withdrawn from the race.” He recalled that health was “much more important than a racing event”.

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Of course we would like to work on a few questions today that we unfortunately didn’t have time for yesterday. For example, Ingo would like to know who is the replacement driver at Haas. Officially, these are Formula 2 drivers Louis Deletraz and Pietro Fittipaldi. However, we assume that if the worst comes to the worst, another (more experienced) replacement would be sought. That’s what Racing Point did with Nico Hülkenberg, for example.

But it is currently planned anyway that Grosjean should drive.

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Scare second: Sports attendant on the track again

The topic already made waves after Imola. In Bahrain it happened again. Lando Norris reported a sports warden on the radio who was walking around on the track in front of him. “It is of course questionable to hear such a comment from Lando on the radio. Something like that should absolutely not happen,” criticized McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl.

You now have to analyze what happened there. But he is also sure that Michael Masi and his team will do that now. The sports attendant on the track in Imola, the crane in Istanbul, now a sports attendant again, plus the Grosjean accident … It is certainly not the best year in Formula 1 in terms of safety.

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Verstappen criticizes Red Bull strategy

P2 yesterday for the Dutchman. But he believes that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have made life a little too easy. “We didn’t do a good job on strategy”; he is annoyed and explains: “First of all, we should have stopped earlier on the first run. We had Mercedes stop earlier, which I don’t understand.”

“They won two seconds or so. Then you have to try to close the gap on the hard tire, which worked out pretty well. […] But then we lost that again “, he waves him off and explains:” We had the tires to go [bei der Strategie] to be more aggressive. But we weren’t. ”

Red Bull had one more hard tire than Mercedes for the race, but could not use this advantage.

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