Florian Silbereisen (ARD / Advent Festival): to blame for Andrea Berg’s tears? Schlager star cries on TV


Schlager star Andrea Berg once again thrilled the fans at the ARD “Advent Festival” with Florian Silbereisen. When talking on stage, tears come to her.

Cologne – It was one of the highlights of the ARD hit show on Saturday night: Andrea Berg enchanted the “Advent festival of 100,000 lights“Her fans almost at the very end with her music – and a red dress. Then she stood Host Florian Silbereisen answer questions in a talk on the stage. It wasn’t just about an ideal world and pre-Christmas banter: the conversation suddenly got deep. The subject of Corona moves Schlager singer Andrea Berg to tears.

Andrea Berg (Schlager) is in tears with Florian Silbereisen

“Tell me why it is so important to you to sing this song now,” Silbereisen wanted to know from Berg. The song, which she had already written almost two years ago and previously performed on stage, was as prayer and as “Thank you very much“Been thought. And gratitude is an important topic for the musician right now: “During this time you just notice that it clicks and you think, ‘yes, why do we always complain about the things we don’t have'”, declared Berg.

Because there are numerous things that are already there and for which one can simply be grateful. She enumerated the “sunrise, the child, the friends, the faithful companions”. “Every memory that we have in our heart makes us rich”, says Berg and prophesied: “And one day or soon, we can let the puppets dance together again“, Whereupon the first tears rolled down her cheeks. Although she supposedly made it up to her not to cry, she couldn’t hold back her feelings – and knew why.

Andrea Berg (Schlager) with allegations against Florian Silbereisen – “Every time with you!”

“Now I’m crying again!” Remarked the singer and added: “Every time with you, that’s you!“This one Reproach Of course, her colleague Silbereisen knew how to classify it correctly. The moderator regretted that he could not give Berg a handkerchief due to the applicable corona requirements. In the meantime, she turned away briefly to dab off her tears herself. In any case, if you can interpret the applause of the audience in this way, your message seemed to have got through.

“What we have to transport today is positive Energie, is confidence, is hope“, Continues the musician. Finally, she wished the audience a peaceful get-together with loved ones. “Just believe that it will soon be as beautiful as it used to be,” was her last message, which was again met with applause. (jbr)

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