Fooling with corona / risk of infection: study with new results


It has long been known that the coronavirus is transmitted via aerosols. But farts should also play an important role in the infection. What’s behind it?

Canberra – To protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus, we’ve been wearing a face mask for months. But what if that Mouthguard doesn’t help as much as expected and there are other forms of infection? For example, farts.

Pathogen Coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2
illness Covid-19
transmission Droplet infection from coughing and / or sneezing
Symptoms dry cough, fever, runny nose, tiredness

Corona infection through fart: Doctors warn of infection through farts

Like the English-language health portal „News Medical“ reported, the coronavirus could not only spread by sneezing and coughing, but also by puffing.

In a podcast of the Australian Broadcast Corporation told Dr. Norman Shaw, Moderator of the “Coronacast” that a Infection actually spread through farts could. So he jokingly warned his audience: “Never fart with bare bottom!”

Corona infection through farts: When puffing, pathogenic aerosols are released

“Fortunately, we wear one all the time Mask that covers our farts“Said Shaw. He is alluding to clothes, pants and underwear – fabrics that normally cover our buttocks in public. “I think what we don’t do in the presence of other people because of the social distance and our safety fart should – especially not with bare buttocks. “

On Twitter, the Australian emergency doctor asked Dr. Andy Tagg, whether “farts from people with Corona can be silent and deadly ”. And replied to himself – also on Twitter: “Farts can be an aerosol-generating procedure!” So, similar to sneezing or coughing, droplets could be infected with the coronavirus.

Corona infection via faeces: “toilet flag” is said to encourage infection with the pathogen

This theory is supported by a recently published study “Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology” (Association for Infection Control and Epidemiology), in the Risk of infection from feces was speculated.

The study found that after rinsing a so-called „aerosolierte Toilettenfahne“ arises that both Feces as well as the coronavirus could. And worse: this toilet flag could even transmit the virus!

Does the coronavirus spread through flushing the toilet?

© Ole Spata / dpa

Prevent corona infection through faeces: Always flush the toilet with the lid

That is why Dr. Qingyan Chen, a professor at Purdue University in Indiana (USA), says that always closing the toilet lid before flushing. As a result, only 20 percent of the feces would end up in the air, what a infection would decrease significantly. At the same time he advised to look after the Wash your hands thoroughly when using the toilet.

Criticism of the Pupsen theory comes from within. For example, Dr. Aaron E. Glatt, professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, had clear doubts about the research results. “Studies have shown that Covid-19 patients may have gastrointestinal problems the first time their symptoms appear. However, there are no data-based statistics to prove that farts are at risk of Corona infection increase.”

Coronavirus video: The right behavior in everyday life

Australian doctor claims: “A corona infection through fart is infinitely small”

Australian health and media expert Dr. Sam Hay does not believe in the theory that fart-Aerosols transmit the coronavirus can. He told the body + soul website: “I think there’s a lot of crap behind it – pun intended. I think it is sensational to claim that there could be a fart behind the great Covid-19 pandemic. “

In his opinion, the risk is to get through one Fart to infect with the coronavirus “Infinitely small”. Even if it is theoretically possible, the consideration behind it would be a bit “far-fetched”. And there would be no evidence for the theory.

The coronavirus actually spreads through aerosols that get into the air through coughing or sneezing.

© Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa

Possible corona infections via faeces should continue to be monitored

Nonetheless, Hay added that “symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract are part of the clinical picture of Covid-19, especially diarrhea”. There is also evidence that the pathogen has already been found in feces. That is why the doctor, despite his skepticism, recommends the Route of infection via feces continue to watch.

Regardless of this, the Australian researchers advise after the Toilet access always pay attention to thorough hand hygiene. By Wash your hands can do that Significantly reduced risk of infection will.

They also advise you to always clean the bathroom thoroughly. Even if there is no official confirmation as to whether you can get through Infect feces or farts with the coronavirus can.

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