For Stefanie and Yvonne they are in “The Voice” -semifinals


These two talents fight in the next round of The Voice of Germany! In the Sing-Offs today, the candidates from Stefanie Kloß (36) and Yvonne Catterfeld’s (40) team had to prove themselves again on the big stage. Of their many singing talents, however, the two musicians were only able to take two candidates into the semifinals – and this is the decision Yvonne and Stefanie far from easy. In the end, all-star Juan Geck and Noah Sam Honegger prevailed!

Noah Sam knocked not only his two coaches, but also the audience with his hammer voice right on his first appearance. The 22-year-old overcomes his stuttering by singing. In the sing-offs, he moved the audience with his version of “Hurt”. “You are a present for this show”raved Yvonne even after his appearance. For their second semi-final candidate, the two women opted for a familiar face. The 28 year old Juan made it in 2017 Yvonnes Team up to the sing-offs. At that time it was over there. This time could Yvonne But don’t let her protégé go again.

So took over Juan the much sought-after place on the hot seat of competitor Alessandro Pola. The music teacher, despite his teamStefanieYvonne-Ejection still has the chance to win “The Voice of Germany”. From now on he sings for the team of Michael Schultes (30) comeback stage.

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Huebner

Juan Geck in den “The Voice of Germany”-Sing-Offs
Noah Sam Honegger at the "The Voice of Germany"-Sing-Offs

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Huebner

Noah Sam Honegger bei den “The Voice of Germany”-Sing-Offs
Alessandro Pola at the "The Voice of Germany"-Sing-Offs

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Huebner

Alessandro Pola bei den “The Voice of Germany”-Sing-Offs

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