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Sergio Perez Racing Point
Lance Stroll Racing Point
Romain Grosjean Haas

The Englishman wins in a very accident-ridden race and continues his winning streak. He still drives to the finish line in the safety car phase. Behind them, the two Red Bull drivers, Verstappen and Albon, are in second and third place. Unfortunately, Perez cannot finish his good race. Despite the serious accidents, which luckily turned out relatively lightly, it was an exciting race until the end

Sergio Perez, placed 3rd, had to give up an incredible 3 laps before the end due to engine problems. The car will start to burn slightly but can be extinguished immediately. The safety car is therefore on the track two laps before the end
Bad pit stop at Verstappen
The Dutchman goes into the pits to get a new set of tires. The attack on Hamilton and a possible undercut fail because something does not go optimally during the pit stop
A little more than half the race is over. Hamilton drives a pretty lonely race up front and is practically only followed by Verstappen. The drivers behind them have extremely interesting duels and fight for the coveted points by all means
Vettel is passed through to the rear
The German falls back to last place and describes his car on the radio as “undrivable”. The second Ferrari driver Leclerc doesn’t make a particularly good trap either and tries to stay in the points in the midfield
The flying start runs smoothly and there is no incident for once. Hamilton remains in first place, with team-mate Bottas having problems with the car and falling back to the bottom of the field
There is also a major accident when restarting. Lance Stroll can climb out of his car on his own after it has laid down on the roof. Daniil Kwjat is involved in the accident again by completely charging Stroll and his car and causing them to overturn
The riders are on the formation lap for the second time that day. The starting order will change a bit, but will probably be mixed up again after the start anyway
The race will resume at 16.35 (CET). The drivers and teams are getting ready again. After such a bad accident, it is tough to start this race again
It is Romain Grosjean who gets stuck on Daniil Kwjat in the start-up frenzy. The car went up in flames immediately after being cut in half in half. Grosjean was able to free himself from the car and he seems to be doing well given the circumstances. He is taken away by ambulance and the race is interrupted
There was a serious accident and a large cloud of fire. The camera immediately pans away from the action. The race is suspended for an indefinite period

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