Formula 1 live ticker: Ferrari confirms: Mick Schumacher drives Young Driver test


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Until tomorrow!

We have already reached the end of today’s live ticker. Maria Reyer thanks you for your interest and hopes that you will be there on media day in Bahrain tomorrow. Then Ruben Zimmermann will be back at the ticker buttons as usual. Beautiful evening!

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That’s why Renault is stronger in 2020

Because we talked about decisions that are still pending: The battle for third place in the Constructors’ Championship has not yet been decided either. In the race are Renault, Racing Point, McLaren and with outsider chances also Ferrari. “It’s a very close battle for P3,” says Marcin Budkowski. The Renault manager admits that points were dropped due to reliability problems. “It’s good to have a fast car, but you also need a reliable one.”

What was the key to progress for the French? “The car is significantly better than last year. We have improved a lot during the season and brought good updates. That has brought us forward in the pecking order.” In addition, Daniel Ricciardo is a great help. “He drives extremely well.” He has not only proven this through his results and podium places.

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Three DRS zones in Bahrain

In the official preview of the Grand Prix, the FIA ​​announced that three DRS zones will be installed on the Bahrain International Circuit. The first is activated after curve 3 (measuring point 50 meters before curve 1), the second after curve 10 (measuring point ten meters before curve 9) and the third at the start-finish 170 meters after curve 15 (measuring point 110 meters before curve 14).

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Video: Mick Schumacher im Interview

Before the Formula 2 season finale in Bahrain, we want to hear what Mick Schumacher has to say about his chances for the title and how he is going into the last races. He could already close the bag on the first Bahrain weekend.

Interview: Mick Schumacher before winning the F2 title

“I have the feeling that the momentum is on our side,” says Mick Schumacher (Prema) before the Formula 2 title decision in 2020 in Bahrain More formula racing videos

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Schumacher drives Young Driver test

Ferrari confirmed in today’s press release on the Bahrain race that Mick Schumacher will take part in the Young Driver test in Abu Dhabi after the season finale. Sports director Laurent Mekies does not announce in which team the German will drive. But it is expected that he will drive for Haas.

“Three of our young drivers, Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Robert Schwarzman, will take to the track with other teams, while Antonio Fuoco, who works in the simulator, will drive our car to get an idea of ​​the correlation between the data on the track and the simulator. ”

Mekies also emphasizes: “We believe that Mick, Callum and Robert have what it takes to do well in Formula 1. The test will be another important step in their training.”

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Brawn admits: It’s about financial interests

Which race will be held on April 25th next season? That’s not decided yet. The race in Vietnam was originally planned, but that is unlikely to take place now. Could Turkey, Portugal or Italy fill in with Imola? “We saw good races there, but everything is still open. Let’s see how it develops,” he told the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’.

The head of sport admits that there is one criterion for choosing: “Yes, without a doubt we want to return to a normal situation next year and for that we will take everything into account from a commercial point of view. Some countries will be in a better position because of them can make a better offer. ” After all, Formula 1 must get back to a “normal financial level” as soon as possible.

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Video: Aerodynamics under the microscope!

Thanks to the wet conditions in Turkey, we received some very special pictures of the current Formula 1 cars. My colleague Stefan Ehlen looked at what you can see on it. Spoilers: a lot!

F1 aerodynamics: the secrets of Mercedes, Ferrari & Co.

The wet race at the Turkish Grand Prix showed how Formula 1 aerodynamics work. We analyze! More Formula 1 videos

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These decisions are still pending

The 2020 world champions have already been decided, but not all decisions have been made yet. In qualifying, for example, there are still undecided duels with several teams. At McLaren it is currently 7: 7 between Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, at Alfa Romeo 8: 6 for Kimi Räikkönen against Antonio Giovinazzi and at Haas also 7: 7 between Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean.

The situation is clear at Williams (14: 0 for George Russell) and Red Bull (14: 0 for Max Verstappen). The duels at Mercedes (10: 4 for Lewis Hamilton), Ferrari (11: 3 for Charles Leclerc), Renault (13: 1 for Daniel Ricciardo), AlphaTauri (12: 2 for Pierre Gasly) and Racing Point ( 8: 3 for Sergio Perez).

– The qualifying duels 2020 at a glance!

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Brawn: Ferrari must see 2022 as a great opportunity

Where will Ferrari be in two years? In the coming season, Maranello will probably focus primarily on the new regulations that will be introduced in 2022. “That will be a good chance with the new car philosophy,” commented Ross Brawn in the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’. “I have no doubt that they are working hard on next year’s car.”

But: The new car must have priority for 2022, emphasizes Brawn. “You must not let such an opportunity go unused.”

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Binotto: Ferrari has developed well

We change the team and come to Ferrari. Mattia Binotto was recently quite satisfied with the results. According to the Italian, this is proof that the development program in Maranello is also working. As is well known, the concept of the car had to be revised, which the team had announced before the start of the season in summer.

“We know that we have improved the car. If you look at the last few races, we have also improved our positions.” The SF1000 has become more constant and also a little faster. In Turkey the team was able to collect more points than ever before this year. Even third place for the constructors in the World Championship does not seem impossible.

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Bottas soon catches up with the ex-world champion

Speaking of Nico Rosberg, the German completed 78 Grands Prix alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. In 2016 he defeated the British in a World Cup duel. Valtteri Bottas will soon have caught up with him at the Brit’s side, he is currently in 76 races for Mercedes. We subjected the two Hamilton teammates to a comparison …

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Rosberg: Sustainability as an opportunity for Formula 1

At that time there was a certain Nico Rosberg at the side of Michael Schumacher. The German is now an entrepreneur and is very committed to environmental protection and measures against climate change. He spoke to ‘Deutschlandfunk’ about the challenge that Formula 1 will also have to face in this area.

“It is definitely right that Formula 1 is positioning itself in terms of sustainability. And that’s what they did,” the ex-racing driver is proud of. In the previous year, Liberty Media published a climate plan that states that the premier class should become climate neutral by 2030. Of course, you do that with the aim of attracting a young audience.

“Sustainability and climate change are very important issues for young people. That’s why I am proud that Formula 1 has set itself extreme goals. This is a very important and great commitment, which will also be very difficult to achieve Formula 1 is a global sport and is associated with a lot of logistics and travel. ” At least it is the right signal to the youngsters: Formula 1 is taking care of it. “This is an opportunity not only to become greener for sport, but also for us to go beyond that and advance an entire industry into a greener future. This is the opportunity for motorsport.”

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Eight years ago today …

… not only celebrated Michael Schumacher his second farewell, but Sebastian Vettel celebrated his third world title with Red Bull in Interlagos. We like to remember that.

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Stroll: Understand the Turkey problem

“The quick change of direction on Turns 5 and 6 is exciting and quite fast, but the most challenging is the passage after Turn 9 – there it is very easy to block the left front tire. That can affect your stint and your race. Turn 1 is also the best opportunity to overtake “, Lance Stroll analyzes the route in Bahrain.

He suffered a bitter defeat in Turkey after initially taking pole position and leading the race. “Of course, I was frustrated at first because we didn’t make it onto the podium. But now we understand why the tires didn’t work as expected.” Racing Point announced that its front wing was damaged.

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Overtaking in Bahrain: Norris shows how!

McLaren driver Lando Norris shows us how to overtake in Bahrain in this video. Strong!

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Ocon: That’s why Bahrain will be very exciting

Esteban Ocon describes in the video why he is looking forward to the two races in Bahrain. Among other things, because the race is driven at night, and the asphalt in the desert is particularly rough, which will put a lot of stress on the tires. And: There are many opportunities to overtake!

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