Frank Nopper wins mayor election in Stuttgart: Backnang elects new mayor on March 14th – Stuttgart


By Konstantin Schwarz

Frank Nopper (CDU) wants to quit his rented apartment in Backnang and move to Stuttgart. “An OB must live in the city where he works,” he says.

Frank Nopper won the mayor election in Stuttgart, so Backnang brought a new city boss. He is to be elected on March 14th.

Photo: dpa / Tom Weller

Stuttgart – The victory of Frank Nopper (CDU) with 42.3 percent in the election in Stuttgart frees Nopper’s mayor’s position in Backnang. At the meeting on December 3, the municipal council should determine March 14, 2021 as election day (the state parliament will also be elected on this Sunday) and advertise the position. Applications can be submitted from the day of the announcement (it is planned for December 11th) until February 18th, 2021, with a possible new election from March 15th to 17th.

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