Frankfurt: Brutal attack on the Zeil – police enforce arrest warrant against 16-year-olds


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After the brutal attack on the Zeil in Frankfurt, an arrest warrant has now been carried out against a 16-year-old. There are also new details about the evening.

Frankfurt – The attack is still on Zeil almost two weeks ago stunned. A LGBTI-Person was brutally attacked and injured by a group in front of a shopping center on Saturday evening (November 14, 2020). Videos of the crime were circulating on the network, the police launched an investigation. An arrest warrant has now been carried out.

The 20-year-old victim is, according to the Frankfurt police from Offenbach. It was already known that it was the one known in social networks LGBTI-Person “KweenDrama” * is about. There was talk of a targeted attack. As the police announced, the officers also quickly obtained clues that “indicate a possible transphobic act”.

Frankfurt: Brutal attack on the Zeil – arrest warrant carried out

Ten people were on the scene after the fact Frankfurt Zeil already provisionally arrested. An arrest warrant has now been carried out against a 16-year-old accused, the police said. Immediately after the incident, the youth had contacted the victim and threatened her. A pre-trial arrest warrant was applied for, which was carried out on November 20, 2020. The 16-year-old was brought before the juvenile court and is now in custody. According to police, he was also involved in the attacks on police officers in late October.

Frankfurt: Attacks on the Zeil – mass gathering through Internet calls

There are also new details about the incident itself. Above all, the various videos that were circulating on social networks were evaluated. According to the officials, there should have been the larger gatherings on the Zeil because “various comedy and street events were advertised on the Internet”. This means that influencers or Youtubers called on the Internet to meet there. Also the 20-year-old victim that publicly for the LGBTI-Community begins, was among them. The exact reason for the call is currently not known, according to a spokesman.

The investigation into the attack on the Zeil get loud police continued. According to the police, the fact that young people and young adults meet again and again on the Zeil can with the current one Corona-Lage have to do. Due to the closed clubs, restaurants and pubs, the shopping street is used as a nighttime meeting point. It should be noted, however, that the development of crime on the Zeil is not noticeable and is even declining in parts. The police remain present in the city center. (svw)

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