Frankfurt FDP: Also drive by car


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The free democrats decide on their election program at the weekend.

Frankfurt needs locations for industry, major transport projects such as the extension of the U4 must finally be tackled, and the car is not a tool of the devil. These are three main points from the program for local elections that the Frankfurt FDP intends to adopt at their (digital) party congress on the weekend.

Thorsten Lieb, the district chairman of the Free Democrats, is in good spirits that the program is passed with a large majority and that the main points remain unchanged. In any case, the work on the design was laborious enough. Up to 150 members discussed the content together with experts in ten working groups, then the paper went to the ground for the first time, additions were added, the board also refined it, then the draft was sent a second time to the entire district association. There should therefore no longer be any sharp criticism of the rough lines.

Irritations about greens

Not surprisingly, there are two main focuses of the Frankfurt FDP: economic and transport policy. The party has great expectations of the industry master plan, although the Free Democrats are also concerned with details that are apparently taken for granted, such as industrial roads. These have to be in a condition “that the companies can rely on their goods reaching the customers undamaged,” says Lieb.

There is no preference for a means of transport in the election program. Local public transport is to be expanded, and space is also needed for people on bicycles – but not necessarily where there are many cars. The FDP thinks little of the wide cycle lanes on Friedberger Landstrasse. It would make more sense to lead cycling through smaller roads in the north end, says Lieb.

The district chairman followed the members’ meetings of the Greens with some concern. With decisions like the rejection of the Günthersburghöfe building area, the Greens would not have done themselves a favor, says Lieb, who makes no secret of the fact that the FDP wants to co-govern after the local elections. The Greens would at least be a possible coalition partner.

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