Frankfurt-Harheim secures property for the fire brigade


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Magistrate approves heritable building right for area at Altkönigblick. In the medium term, a new building is to be built for the Harheim volunteer fire department.

The city of Frankfurt has secured a plot of around 1,600 square meters in Harheim for fire and disaster protection. The magistrate has approved a corresponding submission by the head of construction and real estate Jan Schneider (CDU) and forwarded it to the city council for a resolution.

On the property at the corner of Altkönigblick and Maßbornstrasse, the BKRZ Grundstücksgesellschaft, which is responsible for the construction and management of the municipal fire and rescue stations, will build a new building for the Harheim volunteer fire department in the medium term.

The existing equipment shed for the volunteer fire brigade in Korffstrasse no longer meets the increased requirements for rescue and assistance from the fire brigade in structural and functional terms. The space requirement cannot be realized on the existing 700 square meter property and makes a new building on a larger alternative property necessary.

This is why the Harheim volunteer fire brigade has also been included in the so-called priority program for the new construction and renovation of fire equipment houses, according to which the construction projects of the volunteer fire brigades in the city districts are prioritized and implemented in close cooperation with the city fire inspector.

“I am pleased that we can secure the area for fire and disaster control and that we can offer the Harheim volunteer fire brigade prospects for a new building,” says fire department chief Markus Frank (CDU). From a tactical point of view, the location is very suitable. ”Bos

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