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Frankfurt restaurant takes on plush fight against Corona


The pandemic broke out in this restaurant

As in the good old days before Corona: In the Frankfurt restaurant “Pino”, the guests sit in groups of four close to the tables. Some drink a beer with the name of the virus that upset our everyday lives. Others sit in the usual round table with soccer jerseys and discuss. The only difference from before: They are plush pandas and not people. Pandamy instead of pandemic is the motto here – and the black and white cuddly toys have their place!

Pandas as a cash injection during the lockdown

The pandas stand for the silent protest against the 2nd lockdown in gastronomy. The dining area of ​​the restaurant is illuminated around the clock – everyone should see that restaurateur Pino Fichera is fighting.

And the plush toys don’t just symbolically raise their index finger against the strict Corona rules for gastronomy. They should keep the restaurant afloat financially during this time: Anyone can buy a panda for 150 euros and thus compensate for the failures in the “Pino”. And a restaurant voucher and a seat guarantee after the lockdown are also included. Fans of the campaign are now proposing sponsorships for the pandas on social media. So the plush toys could continue to protest until the reopening. For better and more sociable times, the pandas are sure to make room for the guests!

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