Frankfurt: Riddles about rampaging with two dead


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At a vigil, people remember the victims who died on Saturday.

The damaged column on Oskar-von-Miller-Straße looks like a memorial. The bricks and cladding are half torn away and deformed. The deformation gives a rough idea of ​​the force with which the two-tonne car hit two pedestrians and a cyclist on Saturday. Among the around two dozen people who gathered for a small vigil at the scene of the accident on Tuesday, there is above all disbelief over an accident in a place where pedestrians and cyclists should actually feel completely safe.

The participants in the vigil also wonder whether the accident, in which two people died and another was seriously injured, could have been prevented. Sylke Petry from Verein Fuß eV shrugs her shoulders: “Nothing helps against crazy people,” she says with reference to the 38-year-old speedster who accelerated his powerfully motorized car so much that he lost control in a harmless right-hand bend. Nevertheless, Petry takes the tragic accident as an opportunity to demand Tempo 30 everywhere in the city center. That would take the wind out of Rasern’s sails a little more.

Petry receives support from Mathias Biemann from Verkehrsclub Deutschland, who called for the vigil. In addition, Biemann calls for the throttling of highly motorized vehicles and reminds them that drivers are always safer inside their vehicles, while pedestrians and cyclists are still largely unprotected on the inside.

Rainer Michaelis from the Road Traffic Office also appeared for the vigil. The city’s accident commission had a look at the location of the tragedy on Monday morning. But there is really no focus on the accident at this point. Regarding the demand for Tempo 30, Michaelis says: “At Tempo 50 the accident would not have happened.”

How fast the speeder was traveling is still unclear. “120”, says one of the bystanders and suspects that the car might not have belonged to the 38-year-old and who only took a ride on Saturday afternoon in a borrowed vehicle. But the police can reject this speculation. It was about the 38-year-old’s company car, said a spokesman on FR request and asked again that any footage of the accident that might be available to the police. Because without images, the tragedy seems hard to imagine.

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