French energy supplier EDF founds subsidiary Hynamics in Germany


Renewable hydrogen solutions for industry and mobility (PHOTO)

Berlin (ots) The EDF group founds the Hynamics Germany GmbH and thus signals its commitment to the fight against climate change. The company supplies green hydrogen solutions to its customers in Germany from the design, investment, construction and operation of water electrolysis plants.

According to the National Hydrogen Strategy, renewable hydrogen plays a key role in achieving the climate goals and offers a unique opportunity for Germany to position itself as the world’s leading country in hydrogen technologies. The newly founded company Hynamics Deutschland builds on the 20 years of experience of its associated Karlsruhe hydrogen competence center in the fields of electrolysis and fuel cell technologies. In addition, Hynamics has very good knowledge and experience in the areas of industrial processes and energy systems. “Hydrogen is dynamic,” said Alexandre Perra, EDF Group Executive VP Innovation, Corporate Responsibility and Strategy. “The founding of Hynamics Deutschland is an important building block of our strategy and is in line with the support of the EU and the member states for an EU-wide approach. This subsidiary underlines our European ambition on the subject of hydrogen.”

Hynamics accompanies its customers throughout the entire duration of the project, from project development, design, investment, procurement, construction to the operation of the systems. Based on the water electrolysis operated with renewable electricity, the solutions from Hynamics Germany offer an answer to the challenges of decarbonization.

Together with nine other partners, the team is already working on the West Coast 100 hydrogen project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and which is accelerating the energy transition. In the first project phase, a 30 megawatt electrolyser will be built and operated on the premises of the Heide refinery in Schleswig-Holstein. A capacity expansion of the hydrogen plant to at least 700 megawatts is planned for the next phase. “We are proud to be an important partner in the WestCOAST100 project,” explains Antoine Aslanides, CEO of Hynamics Germany. “It is our duty not only to realize the first phase of the project, but also to turn the 700 megawatt vision into reality. This long-term commitment is part of our DNA.”

About Hynamics Germany

Hynamics Deutschland GmbH, based in Berlin, is a subsidiary of the French energy supplier √Člectricit√© de France (EDF). The company develops green hydrogen solutions for industrial and mobility customers. Hynamics supplies green hydrogen solutions for its customers in Germany from project development, design, investments and construction to the operation of the water electrolysis systems.

About EDF:

For more than 25 years, the EDF Group has been committed as a solution provider in the field of renewable energies for the energy transition – in Germany with around 800 MW wind and hydropower plants under management and for the development of innovative business models. The French EDF Group is a holistic electricity company that is active in all business areas: generation, transmission, distribution, energy supply and trading as well as energy services. As a global leader in low-carbon energy, the group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear, hydropower, new renewables and thermal energy. The group supplies around 38.9 million customers (1), including 28.8 million in France, with energy and services. In 2019 the company achieved consolidated sales of 71 billion euros. EDF is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

(1) Customers were counted per delivery location at the end of 2019; a customer can have two delivery points: one for electricity and one for gas.

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