Friedrich Merz: The “Donald Trump of Germany” – Destructive judgment from the USA


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The US newspaper Politico describes Chancellor candidate Friedrich Merz as the German Donald Trump. What’s the matter?

  • In September 2021 the Bundestag election in Germany an.
  • Friedrich Merz, Armin Laschet, Norbert Röttgen and Markus Söder fight for that Candidate for Chancellor the CDU / CSU.
  • The US newspaper “Politico” holds Merz for the German Donald Trump.

Berlin – Due to Corona, the upcoming one has faded into the background Bundestag election in September 2021. It is already extremely exciting – with economic politicians Friedrich Merz, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen fight three CDU-Candidates for the candidacy for chancellor.

While Laschet and Röttgen are rather silent in the media, they had to Friedrich Merz in the past weeks and months increasingly with negative ones Headlines deal with. He landed on various front pages because he saw the postponement of the CDU party congress as a planned maneuver to prevent him from becoming party chairman. Most recently he made the headlines because he was on the talk show by Anne Will in the ARD on the gender issue. So he doesn’t care about gender, he said: “We have other problems”.

Race for the CDU candidate for chancellor: is Friedrich Merz German Donald Trump?

But not only in Germany is Friedrich Merz known due to its controversial statements – international newspapers also report on the possible Merkel-Successor. So also the US American newspaper “Politico”, who even consider him German Donald Trump acts. In an article dated November 27th, 2020, Friedrich Merz is described as a “combative old white man who speaks of gays and pedophiles in one breath”. The author is surprised by the success that the former protégé has enjoyed from the conservative German politican despite his testimony has. In recent years Merz has earned “a small fortune” and established himself as the darling of the right wing of the CDU.

After this Angela Merkel 2018 from her position as Party leader resigned, Merz appeared out of nowhere in the race for her successor. Then there was a brief setback when Kramp-Karrenbauer instead of him became party chairman. Two years later, Kamp-Karrenbauer spontaneously decided to resign. This offered Friedrich Merz the long-awaited chance in the race for the candidacy for chancellor – if it weren’t for Armin Laschet and Norbert Röttgen.

Inner Donald Trump: Friedrich Merz with controversial statements

According to the US newspaper “Politico” present itself Friedrich Merz now as an outsider who keeps getting into the media with confused statements. Similar to how Donald Trump. The voted out US President has been tweeting every day since he began his tenure four years ago and has already made many controversial statements. After the Democrat Joe Biden won the 2020 US election, Trump had repeatedly questioned the electoral system and the reliability of the election. Here, too, the “Politico” author draws a parallel to Friedrich Merz. He channeled his inner Trump when he implied that the establishment had conspired to undermine his candidacy.

When asked in Septemberon whether he had any objection to a homosexual becoming chancellor, he said no and added: “Sexual orientation is okay Publicity nothing on. As long as it’s legal and doesn’t involve any children – an absolute limit for me – it’s not a public issue Discussions. “Lots of politicians – too CDU members criticized Friedrich Merz sharp for that statement. The latter again claimed that unnamed forces were plotting against him and deliberately twisting his words to undermine him.

Change in German politics? Friedrich Merz could change the structure

As Chancellor, Friedrich Merz would mean a 180 degree turn for politics in Germany. Merkel’s consensus-based way of working and the more controversial strategy of Friedrich Merz couldn’t be more different. The question arises as to whether Germany is ready for such a structural change. If Friedrich Merz in January to CDU candidate for Chancellor is elected, it will take place in September Bundestag election demonstrate. (Luisa Ebbrecht)

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