From the North Sea to the Alps: This man wandered through Germany on foot


3442 kilometers in 165 days: Enno Seifried from Leipzig covered this route completely on foot last year. He hiked from the northernmost to the southernmost point of Germany and finally captured his journey in a documentary. There is one region in the north that he is particularly fond of.

It doesn’t always have to be the other end of the world: Enno Seifried decided to explore his own country and set out on a long journey in May 2019. “I had actually been floating around the idea for a long time, but never implemented it. After hiking around 700 kilometers through the Harz Mountains in 2017, I finally wanted to implement that too, ”he says in an interview with MOPO.

From the North Sea to the Alps: This man wandered through Germany on foot

It started at the northernmost point of Germany on the island of Sylt, from there by ferry to the mainland to Husum and then largely on foot along the Baltic Sea coast. He crossed Kiel, Lübeck and the Darß peninsula until it finally went south from there. He deliberately did not cross Hamburg. “My focus was on discovering the nature of this country and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the crowds in big cities.”

Enno Seifried was particularly fond of the low tide on the North Sea on his trip.

The Leipziger, who otherwise works as a set designer and sound engineer, composes or paints theater music, was primarily fascinated by the North Sea. “I was on the North Sea for the first time on this trip and have since been absolutely thrilled by the ebb and flow of the tide. That stuck in my head, ”he enthuses. At the same time, the first 100 kilometers were also the hardest: “At the beginning I struggled a lot with my feet and kept blisters. When summer came everything got a little easier. Still, I liked the rough weather in the north, ”said Enno Seifried.

Travel through the north and the south: Germany is so varied

He covered around 20 kilometers a day – he rarely drove by car or by train. “In between there were short passages where I got to know people who took me a few kilometers with them or where I took the boat across.” But that was rather the exception: In the end, he walked around 3,250 kilometers alone. He lost at least twelve kilograms through the trip.

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The nature lover spent most of the nights outdoors – under a starry sky or in a tent. But once a week he also approved a place to stay. “I needed that to take a warm shower and load my camera equipment,” says Enno Seifried. He always took food with him for four days in order to hike through as few towns as possible. He wanted to experience nature. “Germany is incredibly varied: so much happens between northern and southern Germany alone – you sometimes don’t even think that you are still in your own country,” said the Leipziger after his Germany tour.

Leipziger has already crossed North America, Mexico and Spain

Even before that, the globetrotter got around quite a bit: He made a 17,000 kilometer journey through North America, then spent several months in Mexico, touring Asia and Europe. Next up is a bike tour around the Baltic Sea, past the North Cape and through Finland. No goal seems too far, no challenge too big. Anyone can do that, says Enno Seifried. “If you can hike 20 kilometers a day, you can do it for several days, weeks or months in a row. The body gets used to being on the go so much. “

Most of the time Enno Seifried stayed in a tent during his trip.

Most of the time Enno Seifried stayed in a tent during his trip.

The only thing to keep in mind: Don’t take too much luggage with you. Otherwise, only one thing counts for Enno Seifried: perseverance. “You just have to want it – and defy the weather: you have to cope with five days of continuous rain. And even if your feet strike, if you are grateful that you can go on such a trip, you can endure the less pleasant moments. ”Because perseverance is worthwhile for the experience – he is convinced of that. “If you are just outside and have everything you need in your backpack, you realize how little you need to be happy. That was the greatest experience for me. “

The documentary “3442 Km Germany on foot” will be released in December

Enno Seifried not only documented his trip for himself with the camera, but also lets others share in his experiences: The documentary “3442 km Germany on foot” was made from his recordings. In it he gives insights into his personal travel experiences and wants to show how diverse Germany’s landscape is. His travel documentary will be released on DVD and as a stream on December 14th.

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