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What the corona crisis means for young people, for schoolchildren, for trainees, for students and job starters – the politician Jessica Rosenthal does not have to laboriously acquire this knowledge. The 28-year-old, who applied for the chairmanship of the SPD youngsters at the Federal Jusos Congress on Saturday and is now waiting for the result of the postal vote, will be standing in front of her school classes again this week. As a substitute teacher at a comprehensive school in Bonn, she knows what it means when there are no computers in a household and distance learning is therefore not possible. She knows how difficult it can be to send students homework when no one in the family has an email address. At the height of the first wave in this pandemic, she started as a teacher – with the already somewhat damp feeling at the time of not knowing what was in store for her this year.

It has been clear since Saturday: More work, in any case. Under their omnipresent chairman Kevin Kühnert, the Jusos have got used to being managed and represented around the clock. For Kühnert, apart from his passion for football, there was little else than politics. When he looked back on his work on Saturday at the age of 31, it sounded like a full life as a politician, as you actually know it from the end of your career and not from the beginning. Jessica Rosenthal has a life besides politics. She wants to continue as a teacher. Halfway there, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

With a training guarantee in the election campaign

This should be more of an advantage in the Corona crisis. When were the times more interesting to stand at the head of a youth association and get involved in the political discussion? Students have to fight for their livelihood because they are losing their part-time jobs. Is it possible that a whole generation will be left behind if the school system no longer works properly and the career entry project fails? Kühnert has expanded the Jusos into a power factor in the SPD. Rosenthal can build on this.

In her application speech on Saturday, she mentioned that the voice of youth, of young people, was missing in politics. She said confidently: “We make the future ourselves, with courage, with will, with a clear head and sometimes with a raised middle finger.” Not necessarily a sentence that should go over her lip in front of the class, but it goes down with the Jusos. The Jusos are starting the election year 2021 with their demands for a job and apprenticeship guarantee.

Rosenthal likes to go to the carnival as Robin Hood, she is now also doing practical politics as head of the SPD in Bonn. SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, who was a guest at the Jusos on Saturday, should remember Jessica Rosenthal from last year. At that time he wanted to be party leader. But the Jusos worked hard against him – especially in North Rhine-Westphalia under the leadership of Jessica Rosenthal. At the federal congress in 2019 she addressed Scholz with sharp words: “Dear Olaf, I won’t even take the left blinking away from you.” Now she has assured him that she will fight together for the election success in 2021.

The Jusos had boldly turned around from the Scholz opponents to Scholz supporters. Not that a wrong impression arises: it is only a matter of “keeping each other harmless”, as one of the SPD described the new togetherness. Friendship will no longer be. About 80 Jusos are trying to be nominated as candidates for the federal election. It should be clear to you: only if Scholz has a chance, they also have one. This also applies to two top jusos who want to join the Bundestag: Kevin Kühnert and Jessica Rosenthal.

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