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Galaxy Buds Plus: MediaMarkt with a strong headphone deal


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Anyone who has been waiting for a good offer for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can strike now. MediaMarkt offers the current best price on eBay.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: What is the difference to its predecessor?

They are the 2020 successors to the Samsung Galaxy Buds (without “Plus”) from 2019. Sometimes referred to as “Galaxy Buds 2” in advance, the Galaxy Buds Plus are technically a rather small update. The compact in-ears still lack active noise canceling. But the Battery life significantly optimized and extended to a very good 11 hours per charge (previously 6 hours). The sound has also been improved: Samsung has now installed two drivers, which ensures higher sound quality – the bass in particular benefits from this. An additional external microphone has also been used to improve the voice quality for telephone calls (headset function). The Bluetooth connection with Samsung Galaxy phones is particularly easy, but the Galaxy Buds Plus are also good partners for all other Android smartphones. There are even some iPhone users who use these Samsung in-ear headphones and ignore the Apple AirPods.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: Price Development – An Outlook

The price development is strongly reminiscent of the first model from Samsung, where the price began to drop shortly after the market launch. It can be assumed that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus will continue to decline a little over the course of the year. It remains to be seen, however, whether the cheaper predecessor’s range with less than 90 euros (149 RRP) will be achieved. Our assessment: Anything under 100 euros is an absolutely fair price for the service offered, you can’t go wrong when buying.

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