Game rangers discover mysterious monolith in the Utah desert


Dhe authorities in the American state of Utah are puzzling over a metal stele in the middle of the desert. The shiny monolith was three to four meters high and last week was noticed by a helicopter crew checking stocks of bighorn sheep in a remote region full of red rocks, the wildlife protection agency said.

They would have inspected the three-sided stainless steel object during a break from work. It is completely unclear how it got there and was rammed into the ground.

“The thing is not from another world”

The monolith is reminiscent of an object that can be seen in Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. But Nick Street of the street patrol assured: “This thing is not from another world.”

The location is so remote that the authorities did not specify it to prevent people from getting lost looking for the stele and having to be rescued.

What is clear is that the monolith is on a site that belongs to the American federal authorities. Objects may not be set up there without permission. Officials said they are checking how long the monolith has been there, who created it, and whether it should be removed.

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