Geiger Igudesman survived Covid-19: “Take virus seriously!”


        After surviving Covid-19 infection, the violinist, conductor and composer Aleksey Igudesman makes the "terrifying and underestimated psychological side effects of the disease" the topic of a YouTube series entitled "Amuse News".  With the "music news show" he wants to cheer up those who are also sick after his own experience with the disease.        </p><div>
        <p>So far, he has conducted interviews "full of self-irony" with musicians like Daniel Hope and Sean Ono Lennon and presented "humorous segments" by Lucy Landymore, "who deliberately (!) Provided terrible music tutorials on instruments".  To laugh at the virus, he also released the song "Corona Nanana".</p>            

The musician writes about the psychological effects of his own corona infection: “Panic coupled with self-isolation can lead to lack of sleep and severe depression. These side effects cannot simply be switched off.” Musician friends like Julian Rachlin, Sarah McElravy and Alexandra Preucil would often have phoned him, brought him medicine and tried to build him up. “But at times the fear and panic were pretty overwhelming. It’s important to know that this virus can cause serious neurological disorders. But it’s also important to know that they will pass. I’m very happy to say I’ve been I feel better every day with my negative test, “said Igudesman. Therefore, he wants to “talk about the fact that we have to take this virus seriously. Even a mild course – as I had it – is extremely stressful for body and mind.”

In addition, he wants to help the corona-stricken industry with his start-up “Music Traveler”: “Musicians in particular are particularly affected by the measures to combat pandemics, as they hardly have any income from canceled concerts,” according to the broadcast. With “Music Traveler” Igudesman creates an opportunity to “counteract the threat to the existence of Covid 19 concert cancellations” via online concert tickets. The paradox that although more people enjoy concerts online, but at the same time the artists have less or no income because of the canceled live concerts, should be resolved.

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