Georgia decides on Senate: Trump supporters mutiny against their own party


Georgia decides whether the Republicans will retain a majority in the US Senate. In fact, only one of the two candidates has to win. But of all people, the hardcore fans of President Trump are now calling for a boycott of the runoff election. That could be fatal for the Republicans.
The state of Georgia has been at the center of the controversial US election for weeks: on the one hand, because the state narrowly and surprisingly voted for the elected President Joe Biden, and on the other, because run-off elections for two senatorial seats are taking place here at the beginning of January, which are based on the majority decide in the Senate in the next two years.

According to a “Politico” report, the most determined supporters of the incumbent President Donald Trump, including many supporters of the QAnon movement, are still convinced that the elections in Georgia are corrupt. Trump had already said this weeks ago and, for no reason, focused on postal voting fraud. His hardcore supporters are now even calling for a boycott of the runoff elections for the Senate planned for January 5th. The Republican candidates, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, are also not radical enough on Trump’s side. Under hashtags like #CrookedPerdue and #CrookedKelly Opponents of the two Republicans gather.

In fact, there is still no evidence or evidence of electoral fraud. On most points Loeffler and Perdue agree with Trump. The Trump camp now fears that the Democratic candidates could benefit from the boycott call: The incumbent’s son, Donald Trump Junior, called on Twitter to vote for Loeffler and Perdue – and dismissed the boycott considerations as “nonsense” back. “This is nonsense. Ignore these people,” said Trump Jr. continue.

“Any distraction can be crucial”

Concern that the radical camp’s conspiracy theories may turn away too many voters and play into the hands of the Democrats is shared by other Republicans. “Whenever you have a tight election, any distraction can be crucial, and from what you hear, the runoff elections in Georgia will be tight, just like in November,” “Politico” quoted Alex Conant, the former communications director for the presidential campaign by Senator Marco Rubio in 2016. “I think Republicans need to focus on stopping Joe Biden’s agenda in the runoff election. When it comes to conspiracy theories, it only divides our party and encourages the Democrats.”

Trump lost in the presidential election on November 3rd with around 12,000 votes to Biden. No surprise is expected for the recount, for which the state has more than a week. Georgia is actually a Republican stronghold, but Biden and the Democrats won and secured the 16 electorate.

Republican majority in danger

The runoff election for the Senate, whose election was held parallel to the presidential election, is necessary because none of the candidates had a majority of more than 50 percent in the first round. While Senator Loeffler is challenged by Raphael Warnock on January 5, Perdue faces Jon Ossoff. Without the votes of the radical supporters of Trump, things could get very close for the Republicans. The two candidates therefore campaign for the electoral system that Trump himself has denied.

The Senate election will be decisive for further politics in the USA. So far, Trump’s Republicans had a majority of 53 Senate seats. To defend this majority, at least one of the two candidates Loeffler and Perdue must win. If this succeeds, the majority in the upper house would make governing the future President Biden much more difficult. But if both Democrats win in Georgia, there would be a stalemate in the Senate, both parties would get 50 votes. In this case, the US Constitution stipulates that the Vice President establishes a majority in Senate decisions with his vote. After Biden takes office, his party colleague Kamala Harris will hold the office of Vice President. So it could be that Trump’s fraud allegations ultimately decide the future of the Senate in favor of the Democrats.

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