German youth gymnastics championships: Helen Kevric clears – Another local sport


Helen Kevric shows an expressive exercise on the floor. Photo: Georg Hrivatakis

The twelve-year-old Nellinger won five medals in age group 12 at the German youth gymnastics championships in Berkheim. Lona Häcker from Berkheim finished third in the age group of 15 and won the jump.

Esslingen – You have to remember the name Helen Kevric. At least if you are interested in gymnastics. The athlete from TV Nellingen won all the medals that can be won at the German youth gymnastics championships in Berkheim in age group 12. She won the all-around competition with more than five points ahead of Silja Stöhr from TG Heddesheim, third was Maellys Alferi from the Durlach gymnastics club.

The best from Esslingen.

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