Germany extends partial lockdown until December 20


To contain the pandemic, private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances in Germany are limited to a maximum of five people from your own household and one other household. Children up to 14 years of age are not covered by the regulation. This was announced by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) yesterday evening after her consultations with the Prime Ministers of the federal states in Berlin.

However, the strict restrictions will be relaxed over Christmas. From December 23rd to January 1st, a maximum of ten people are allowed to meet, children up to 14 years of age are not subject to the regulation, as can be seen in the resolution paper of the federal and state governments.

It was also decided that the current partial lockdown with the closure of restaurants, theaters, fitness studios and leisure facilities, among other things, will be extended until December 20.

“Effort” necessary

In view of the persistently high number of infections, the Chancellor called for further “effort” in the fight against the pandemic. At the top consultations, the federal and state governments in Germany agreed that the current restrictions “must apply until the beginning of January, according to human judgment,” said Merkel. The conditions that have been in force since the beginning of November have so far only led to a “partial success” – “and we can by no means be satisfied with this partial success”.

A large-scale switch to “alternating lessons” is not planned in Germany despite the persistently high coronavirus numbers. Alternating lessons in divided groups at home and at school will continue to be decided on site, depending on the regional numbers.

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