“Goodbye Germany” star Manu Reimann: Because of Corona: The separation from her kids is bothering her


“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Manuela Reimann has a great longing for her children. Because she cannot currently see it.

“Goodbye-Germany” star Manu Reimann (52) is not having an easy time of it at the moment. In the new episodes of the series “The Reimanns – an extraordinary life” on RTLZWEI (from November 25th) it quickly becomes clear that she is missing her children. Because she cannot currently see it.

Proud grandma: In the video above, Manu Reimann shows us her sweet grandson Charlie. She is also not allowed to see him at the moment.

And she suffers a lot from that, as “liebenswert-magazin.de” reports before the start of the new season.

Three generations of Reimanns united – and the similarity is astonishing!

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Manu Reimann is suffering from the corona pandemic

The corona pandemic is a particular burden for many people, because due to the contact restrictions, many social contacts that naturally enriched everyday life before the crisis are lost. Manu Reimann is also feeling this. She has already dared many adventures with her husband Konny Reimann (65). The couple, who married in Las Vegas in 2003, emigrated to the USA (Texas) together in 2004, and have lived in Hawaii since 2015. Manu Reimann brought two children into the marriage: Janina Bradley and Jason Bradley, both of whom have long since grown up and now live in the USA.

Just like her grandchildren, Janina’s son Charlie (1) and Jason’s sons Kealan (6) and Oliver (3), Manu Reimann is currently unable to meet her children, which bothers her very much.


Three generations united - and the similarity is astounding

“Goodbye Germany” star Manuela Reimann
Three generations united – and the similarity is astounding
On the occasion of daughter Janina’s birthday, “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Manu Reimann flew to Portland – and we are delighted with a very special generation photo.

“Goodbye Germany” star misses his children

Because of the corona pandemic, travel is currently not always easy to implement. Daughter Janina wanted to visit her mother, but the flight was canceled. For Manu Reimann, this means: She is separated from her children for an indefinite period of time. You can keep in touch via video conference or make phone calls. But of course that cannot be compared with real closeness. A problem that has been bothering many people for months now.

A change in the situation is currently not in sight. Konny Reimann’s wife is hit hard by her daughter’s rejection. This becomes clear in the first episode of the new season of the series “The Reimanns – an extraordinary life”. The next few weeks will show how the situation develops. Fans of the Reimanns can follow on the screens on RTLZWEI when there is a prospect of a reunion between Manu Reimann and their children. The episodes will be available every Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. from November 25th.


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