Google Maps: Covid-19 layer update, live public transport and pizza delivery information


Google has announced new features for the holidays.

Google has announced new features for Maps in anticipation of the holidays in December. These innovations should be available in the coming weeks:


In September of this year, the Covid-19 info layer became available (PCtipp reported). So far, a seven-day average of the new Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people is shown for the area of ​​the map you are currently looking at. It can also be seen whether the cases show an upward or downward trend.
In the coming weeks, the Covid-19 info map detail will be expanded, as stated in the official German Google blog. For example, the number of all registered cases of infection that were found in an area should be displayed. In addition, there should be links to Covid-19 resources from local authorities, so that you can find out about local guidelines, test locations or restrictions in another city. This is being rolled out for both Android and iOS devices.


How full is my bus?

In the future, it will be possible to see live whether the bus or train used to commute is currently overcrowded. For this purpose, Google uses real-time feedback based on users (worldwide) who have decided to share this information with Google Maps.

How busy is the subway?


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