Google: Most cookie consent solutions do not interfere with indexing


Most cookie consent solutions are fine with Google. It is important that all important information can be found in the HTML code when the cookie banner is displayed.
So-called cookie consent solutions can be found on most websites today. Before setting cookies, you ask for user consent.

The queries are implemented either as a banner or as a popup or interstitial that overlays the content of the page and only disappears when you have decided on one of the alternatives offered.

Most of these Cooke Consent solutions are unproblematic for Google, as is John Müller in den Google SEO Office Hours vom 27. November explained. It is important that all important information can be called up despite the cookie banner. In addition to the text, this also includes layout information and links.

You can easily test this with the URL Inspection Tool in the Google Search Console, Müller continues. To do this, you simply have to do a live test and then look at the HTML that is called up. All necessary information should then be included there. If that’s the case, Google can also crawl and index the page. The various cookie solutions he saw would all have worked.

Some time ago Müller explained in connection with popups and interstitialsthat these are not a problem for crawling and indexing if they are only superimposed on the main content and do not displace it.

By the way, when calling up pages from the Google cache, you should note that content based on JavaScript is sometimes not displayed correctly there. This is because the JavaScript can sometimes only be executed in the context of the host of the website in question. Because the Google cache is located under a Google domain, it doesn’t always work.

So if you want to use the Google Cache to check whether Google can index content despite cookie consent, you should first ensure that the JavaScript present there does not cause problems.

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